Friday 23 May 2014

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Bruno Sanchioni and Guiseppe Chierchia are responsible, indirectly maybe, but responsible none the less for a lot of crimes against music; as if it hadn't been for them then that heinous form of music known as trance would not exist, well it probably would still have evolved to become the monster it did but these two helped no end when they recorded and released Age Of Love in 1990. Don't get me wrong I love this track  and it doesn't seem to have dated as badly as much of the dross that came out later which was tagged as trance. It was originally released in Belgium , France and Germany and available in the UK on import. It would be a further two years before it would get a proper full UK release on REACT complete with Jam and Spoon remixes. The version posted is the Boeing mix from the original release.

Here's an interesting fact, or maybe not, the female spoken vocal element comes courtesy of former Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder.

Have a good weekend people.

Age of Love - Age of Love


Erik Bartlam said...

Nothing wrong with that at all.

Makes me want to have another cup of coffee in that is about as far as I can go with the stimulants before heading into work.

drew said...

I like this track E.F. it's just much of the stuff that followed described as trance that I couldn't abide.

davyh said...

You shouldn't lick speakers like that you will get germs

drew said...

Not as bad for you as sticking your head in a bass bin. Had a mate who was partial to doing that!

Swiss Adam said...

Speaker lickin' good

Word veri: base 46.

Swiss Adam said...

Thought I should add that.