Wednesday 21 May 2014

Do We Still Call This Blue Eyed Soul?

Tara Priya is an artist I stumbled upon a while ago when I heard the track Rollin' somewhere. Next step was to the internet and try and source the song.  It turned out to be the lead track from the singer's eponymously titled second release, a six track ep of Motown inspired soul which was available on import as it was only available in the States. After further digging I found out that in 2010 she had released an album only available in Japan where she has subsequently become very popular. Earlier this year I got my hands on her latest release "Who You Do" on 7" another import this time from Germany and on the flip side is Rollin'. There have been the inevitable comparisons with Amy Winehouse and Duffy to me she is more akin to Jasmine Kara who has featured here before. Whoever she sounds like,  in my book there is more than enough room for somebody with a voice like hers singing songs like the two featured here. I am sure I read recently that she was releasing a new album although at the moment I cannot find the details anywhere.

Tara Priya - Rollin' 

And here is the video for the recent single.

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george said...

Cracking track, and one I will definitely not be downloading!