Thursday 22 May 2014

Not Another Re-edit, You Say

I am a bit of a sucker for a good re-edit and they don't come much better than those produced by the Antipodean DJ,  Late Night Tough Guy. Today's track comes from his RSD 2014 three track ep where he reconstructs the sounds of Sylvester, Donna Summer and Brandi & Monica,  giving them a new lease of life for today's dancefloors.

I love the way he's slowed down Summer's huge 1975 hit  Love To Love you and turned it into a sleazy chugger of a track,  great stuff. The Brandi and Monica track has been given an acid line and a similar tempo. However, if I had to pick a standout track it would be Make Me Feel, where he does the impossible and makes Sylvester' You Make Me Feel even more dance floor friendly than it was originally by looping and extending the track to epic proportions.

LNTG - Make Me Feel


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Nice one. Thanks for the tip.

Swiss Adam said...

More re-edits I say.