Wednesday 18 November 2009

Wilmot Revisited.

There was a comment over at Ctel's excellent Acid Test blog on one of his postings on the genius known as Andy Weatherall's Sabres of Paradise requesting Wilmot's Last Skank, a track I hadn't played for quite some time. It is the b-side of the Wilmot remix 10" single.

To be honest with you it is not that different from the version I posted here a couple of months ago, a bit  sparcer than the original and nearly a couple of minutes shorter, still very very good.

Sabres Of Paradise - Wilmot's Last Skank


Ctelblog said...

Thanks. I stuck it on twitter this morning before spotting your post.

Bongydread said...

Is this getting re-upped? I had that 10`and I used to just drop the breakdown at 33 rpm that bass just would shatter anything in a miles radius! Heavy!