Saturday, 7 November 2009

New Music

Here is a couple of tracks from a split ep on the Pushing Pussy record label.

This record is another of those criminally limited edition singles with only 300 copies being pressed so I don't feel bad about posting the tracks as your chances of getting a copy if you like what you hear are slim, even so I will not leave the links up for long.

The first track by The Palpitations reminds me of Mazzy Starr and just comes in the right side of goth for my liking.

The track by The Lovebirds is a bit like The Kills but with a bit more menace.

See what you think

The Palpitations - Tears In The Rain

The Lovebirds - The Devil Song


JC said...

Vocals on The Palpitations at times also sounds like the girl singer in St Jude Infirmary.

The Lovebirds song didnt too much for me, but your description of its sound is spot-on.

drew said...

JC, you are so right, I knew that they reminded me of somebody else, St Jude's Infirmary . Will you post or shall I?