Friday 13 November 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Before deciding to use this song for the proverbial dance track on a Friday, I knew absolutely nothing about this record apart from the fact that I thought that it was a funky as fuck when I bought it and have played it on and off ever since.
I thought that I better try and find something out about the track before posting it, so headed, as you do to Discogs. I had a suspicion that it was too good a track to be tucked away as the first track on side 2 of a load of remixes and apparently the track was released  in it's own right. The version I have is on a 12" of remixes of Minus 8 on the Compost label from Munich, was recorded by Robert Jan Mayer and came out in 2001.

I have no recollection of where I bought it but did buy it after listening to it and on the strength of this track, the others are okay but this is the standout.

See what you think.

Minus 8  - Badman & Throbin'

Did I mention that I'm going to see The Fall tonight?


davyh said...

Apparently MES is planning a solo acoustic set. Enjoy!

drew said...

And it was wonderful, Davey. MES resplendent in Arran cardigan and relaxing on the rocking chair.

Ctelblog said...

Sound appalling.

drew said...

Ctel - the Friday track or MES solo?

Saturday night was even better than Friday.