Saturday 14 November 2009

The Outlaws

I think that I've only posted one other mash-up on here before, the Arctic Monkeys/Destiny's Child one. I'm quite partial to these if they are done well and it's a couple of artists which you would never think of together which is certainly the case here.

I have a couple of good albums, The Best Bootlegs in The World Ever, which compiles the best of the early mash-ups including A Stroke Of Genius, One Minute Lovecat etc. The other album, Too Many Fools Following Too Many Rules is mixed by the Outlaws, not as slick as Soulwax in their Too Many DJs guise but entertaining none the less. It pitches the likes of Michael Jackson against the Baron of Techno, Dave Clarke and Donna Summer and Josh Wink.

So if you ever wondered how Abba would sound if they had become junglists give this a listen.

The Outlaws - Chiq

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