Friday 20 November 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Shall we have a little bit of Ska infected Big Beat today from the man with more aliases than a con man  with loads of snidey names?

Here we have Norman Cook in the guise of Fatboy Slim, remix a release by Norman Cook in the guise of the mighty dub katz with writing credits to Norman Cook in the guise of Pizzaman. This track was originally released on the Southern Fried label in 1995 and entitled Son of Wilmot. I wonder if you can guess why?

Speaking of Wilmot, it appears that I have misinformed you, as I have been corrected by Curtis, the track that I posted on Wednesday as Wilmot's Last Skank is really Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage, for 15 years I have gotten the tracks mixed up as my 10" has the labels back to front and nobody, until now has informed me of this. I have to confess that Last Skank is not one off my favourite Sabres tracks

mighty dub katz - magic carpet ride (fatboy slim latin ska acid breakbeat mix)

and now the correct version of

Sabres of Paradise - Wimot's Last Skank

Is anybody else bored with dance on a Friday?


Simon said...

My Sounds For Sunday kind of went the way of the dodo after the little one was born. Bit difficult to get online on a Sunday morning when the little one is causing havoc!!! So, no I'm not bored with it, just feeling a little guilty/lazy about not doing mine!!!

I'm going to have to get some mobile broadband and do some blogging on the train!!!!

drew said...

You will need to do something as i'm missing the mod and soul stuff but not the Sheena Easton confessions.

Mondo said...

Not bored at all - keep 'em coming especially sizzlers like these two..

We've got a Fatboy track in our next podcast (the theme is sizes) you can grab an early listen here if you fancy