Sunday 15 November 2009

What A Way To Spend A Sunday

I've spent the entire day trying to avoid doing something that should have been done weeks ago but I can always find excuses to not do.

I hate this time of the year at work, November/December always get incredibly busy and also there is the looming end of year review. I dread this more than anything else to do with work and therefore procrastinate over it until it really is too late and I end up writing the biggest load of crap and emailing it off the night before my review, which doesn't endear me to the line manager as they have had no time to review it and I start the torture on the back foot from the off, before I even start my excuses (reasons) for why my productivity isn't what it should be. So I have spent the last 6 hours on and off trying to big up my contribution to the corporate entity, a task which I can't really get enthusiastic about and which unfortunately shows.

Roll on tomorrow afternoon when its all over and I can forget about it, well until next June when it's mid-year review time.

Ted Hawkins - Ladder Of Success

Couldn't be arsed looking for a witty picture.

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Anonymous said...

you don't need a witty picture when you've got a lovely song. I completely and utterly adore ted hawkins. Good luck with the review bollocks - 'kingem', as word verification says.