Thursday 8 October 2009


While trying to think of a track for tomorrow's post this track popped into my head, I don't know why as I'm not particularly fond of it. When you mention it to clubbers/ex clubbers of a certain age, quite a few that I know get all dewy eyed and start to reminisce about where they first heard it, how good it was etc.

I have tried time and again to see what all of the fuss is about and am still don't have a scooby doo as to why so many people I know love it so much. It is not a bad record just a quite ordinary early rave era tune. Here is the review from one punter on discogs

"The Sound Of Eden' is the finest piece of music to come out of the Rave scene in my opinion. It's a record that will truly stand the test of time because of it's undenying beauty and incredible euphoric feeling. A piece of dancefloor genius that makes guys as well as girls weep. Stunning Rave/House music that will light up any dancefloor, with a vocal and piano breakdowns to die for, backed perfectly by powerful but very funky beats. Fantastic

I didn't even buy it when it first came out, the version here is the original but it is from the 1993 re release which I bought for the X-Press 2 mix which doesn't do much for me either if the truth be told.

I have just played it twice and still nothing. If you can, please illuminate me on why this record was so popular.

Shades Of Rhythm - Sound Of Eden


Simon said...

Doesn't do anything for me either.

stevoid said...

Totally agree with you,I still don't see the appeal of this track even after all these years. I bought it when it came out because everyone banged on about what a great track it was but I ended up putting it in a frame and hanging it on my wall coz I loved the sleeve so much more than the tune.

Ctelblog said...

Agree. Passes me by.