Sunday 4 October 2009

Nothing Is Forever

How about a huge piece of runny Cashel Blue for a Sunday?

Here is a track that I found courtesy of late night telly after a night out on the lash in 1992. I remember hearing it on one of those late night music shows on either ITV or Channel 4 and thinking that's not a bad tune and buying it the following week.

I had forgotten all about it until the post on Matthew Sweet, when I recalled that I had a dance 12" single with the title Nothing Lasts Forever or something similar, so I dug it out yesterday and it is not that bad. I know absolutely nothing about the band but checked the single out on Discogs and to my horror the track was re-released on the PWL label, (although mine is on 380 records) which suggests that the programme that I may have heard it on could have been The Hitman And Her as I seem to recall that that was on at this time.

Ultracynic - Nothing is Forever

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