Saturday 24 October 2009

Free Speech For All, Even Racist Bastards

I wasn't going to comment on the row that having that fascist bastard on Question Time sparked off but I've been so hacked off with what I have heard that I need to say something.

I've heard some contradictions in my time. For the protesters outside of the BBC to say that it was their democratic right to protest was fair enough but when that demonstrating is to silence the views of a democratically elected member of the European Parliament it  is a bit much. No matter how insidious and repellent those views are,  I think that they should be heard so that we can formulate responses to the lies that are pedaled and inform the people who voted for the BNP and those thinking of voting for them of the half truths and distortions they are being fed.

Why was the format of Question Time changed? I,  for one would have liked Baroness Warsi to explain the Tories policy of privatising Royal Mail which Kenneth Clarke had let out of the bag earlier in the day. Or for Jack Straw to explain why the government were letting the banks go back to business as usual in relation to bonuses. Rather than that we got did Griffin deny the Holocaust, why did he share a platform with the KKK. All questions that need to be answered but not on Question Time. With all due respect to the Question Time audience, these are questions to be put by someone like Paxman who could really have torn the creep to shreads in a Newsnight interview.

I also find it quite amusing to see the Tory Party so outraged by the BNP, considering their bedfellows in the European Parliament.

Did anybody else pick up on Bonnie Greer's patronising comment about Griffin's 2:2 degree. Was it her intention to give the impression that those who did not attain a first were more susceptible to having racist views? As it certainly came across like that to me.

After watching the show my view of Griffin was of a pathetic individual, who doesn't even have the courage of his convictions the way he continually tried to refute direct quotes that he had previously made and could not construct one even half decent reasoned arguement. The more that this clown and his bone head thugs are exposed for what they are the better.

For all those who were demonstrating, I believe that free speech should be for all, not just those we agree with and give the UK population the respect they deserve,  most of us are intelligent enough to see through the lies that these hate filled creeps spout and will deal with appropriately.

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chocolategirl64 said...

I saw irony in 2:2 *Desmond Tutu as it is nicknamed*
They gave him enough rope and he did the obligatory.
Who's next on QT ~ paedos, murderers?

drew said...

Chocolategirl64, subtle irony doesn't work on these people or me for that matter.

I don't know of many peadophiles or murderers who have been elected to the European or any other parliament. Except if you class Blair as a mass murderer

Simon said...

Keep em out in the open where I can see them. And if people do vote for them then we know who they are too.

I grew up in an area where the National Front as they were marched all the time, an area that was very racially mixed, and we saw a lot of trouble because of that.

But then they went underground. And that, in my opinion, is when they're most dangerous.

drew said...

Like you Simon, I want to know who votes for these bastards.

Back in our scootering days we were always coming up against the NF skins, as one of our club was a punk but they saw him as Chinese. But at least then we could identify the bastards.