Thursday, 22 October 2009

Everybody Loves A Cover, Right?

This Last Town Chorus' cover of Modern Love by David Bowie makes the most melancholy Camera Obscura cover sound upbeat, my favourite being their cover of Some Guys Have All The luck.

The Last Town Chorus is the name of the band Megan Hickey originally formed with Nat Guy in 2001, although she is now the only constant member. I suppose that if you had to classify the sound it would be alt country well Hickey does play a lap steel guitar.

She has produced 2 albums, The Last Town Chorus and Wire Waltz where the posted version of Modern Love can be found.

This was another band that I first heard on the, John In The Morning show on KEXP

The Last Town Chorus - Modern Love

As an added bonus here is Camera Obscura's version of Some Guys Have All The Luck, however it is a jauntier version than the one I heard the last time I saw them live. Tracy Anne says that it is a Rod Stewart song, I thought that it was a Robert Palmer tune, however after extensive research (searching Wiki) it appears that it was first a hit in 1973 by The Persuaders, so there you go.

Camera Obscura - Some Guys Have All The Luck

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