Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Drift Away

Midweek and the weather up here is miserable.

I hate the first week after the clocks go back not least as I have to try and remember how to reset the bloody timer on the boiler, you think that I would be able to remember as it's only been six months since I last had to do it but no!

Time for a bit of life affirming soul music I think.

First up we have Dobie Gray with his version of the song first recorded by John Henry Kurtz, me neither, Drift Away. This song has been covered by hundreds of people, however I think out of the versions I have heard this is my favourite. Gray's name will forever to me at least be synonymous with Out On The Floor a classic northern tune.

Dobie Gray - Drift Away

Secondly we have another cover, this time a duet from Jerry Butler and Betty Everett another two very well known voices to the soul fraternity. Here they cover Let It Be Me, best known version to me is by the Everley Brothers whom I must confess, I thought wrote it until I thought that I better check  before posting. It turns out that it was originally a French song first performed by Jill Corey in 1957. Another track which has been covered extensively and probably extremely badly by David Hasselhoff.

Jerry Butler & Betty Everett - Let It Be Me

Now isn't that better.


Mondo said...

Oh yes very tasty - I'm sure I've Lord Tom of Jones doing a versh somewhere!

Simon said...

Love that Dobie Gray; it was one of those songs that my mum and me both liked; a generation meet in the middle. Its one of those songs I cannot stop myself from singing along to loudly!

dickvandyke said...

O Drew.

To ease those pesky boiler timer blues, simply note down the procedure on say, the freshly peeled innards of a beer mat (as one can no longer employ the useful cardboard strip from a Bounty Bar) and place this small yet trusty aide memoire adjacent to the timer switch.

And, hey presto, those fall back and spring forward moments will ne'er leave you scratching your heed again - for as long as you (or the boiler) live.

I know, I know, what would you do without me? Just pop a wee cheque in the post and I'll supply you with tip-top tips until you can stand it no more.

drew said...

DVD - A simple yet brilliant piece of advice.

Are you sure you didn't edit the top tips in Viz?