Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween/Birthday M

Today is M's 6 birthday, L myself and my sisters in law will be taking 10 miniature hooligans 10 pin bowling. That last sentence is somewhat disingenuous as my part in the proceedings is merely to ferry a few of the little darlings to the bowling alley. I will then have a free pass for a couple of hours as my mother has volunteered to watch Leo. As I will be about 10 minutes from Glasgow, I think a visit to Fopp and Oxfam music is the order of the day and back home to prepare the sandwiches, jelly and juice for the adults.

Yes, my eldest was born on Halloween, scaring the crap out of both his mother and I (long story) and has continued to do so ever since.

Here is the only northern soul themed Halloween song that I can think of and what a belter it is.

Azie Mortimer - Haunted

And since it is Max's birthday here is one of his favourite songs (scarily I'm not kidding)

The Fall - F-'oldin' Money


Davy H said...

Sounds strenuous - I mean, Fopp and Oxfam...

Mondo said...

My eldest is 13 tomorrow, he wants a trip to the all you can eat buffet at the Chinese. I won't argue with that..

Other fright night northern nugg's include

The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind
Alder Ray - My Heart Is In Danger
Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch

You can grab all these and more by way of 3 Halloween mixes I've made

Mondo Mania

Frighty Night Is Music Night

Tunes From The Crypt

drew said...

Just back, slim pickings in Oxfam and nothing in Fopp.

Mondo, I was banking on you doing a Halloween mix.

Mondo said...

Yeah those are from the last two years, it's a Halloween podcast from me and Piley this instead

Davy H said...

It's nice the young people can enjoy theirselves, I always say.

a Tart said...

Seeing as I truly hate this holiday, am really honestly frightened on this evening and stay indoors with lights out and doors locked, you still managed to give me a good laugh about your child "scaring the crap" outta you. Nothing can be more frightening than parenthood or the prospects thereof :) bless ya xoxo

and many thanks, Mondo darlin, for the music!

JC said...

Belated happy birthday wee man. Keep on keepin on with your fine taste in music.