Monday, 26 October 2009

T.I.C. Who? I Haven't A Clue Either.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday perusing Boy's Own, The Complete Fanzines which arrived the week before last but haven't had a chance to look at until now. It brings back a few memories, not of the Boys Own scene, being stuck up here in Scotland, I wasn't aware of them until 1988 but of the mid eighties in general and especially some of the tunes that are mentioned Farley Jackmaster Funk, The Woodentops, Joyce Simms etc.

I decided to have a rumage through some of the 12" singles that I bought at the time. On looking through them I came across a single which I don't think that I've played in 20 years and can't remember buying, so I stuck it on. It is a cover of a 1972  tune by a band called Hot Butter but with added samples from the Woodstock soundtrack but still can't think why I bought it and don't have a clue about the band T I C?

As one does in such situations I decided to Google it but the results were less than helpful. it is listed in Discogs but with no more info than I already know from the sleeve, apart from the fact that some joker is trying to sell a copy for 40 quid, get a grip man.

What I do know about it is that it was recorded by Calais Brown and Tim Hunter in a studio in Edinburgh, which tends to make me think that I heard it in some chemically induced state probably in the Pelican Club in Aberdeen and rushed out to buy it the next day to be played once and to be forgotten about until now.

T I C - Popcorn '88 (The Woodstock mix)

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