Monday 24 August 2009

Richard d James

Monday again, I know it's a cliche but weekends don't last long enough.

Spent yesterday avec famille at a medieval festival at the race course in Lanark where there were various re-enactments of battles between the Scots and the English, the Vikings and the English, The French and the English, basically the rest of Europe and the English. It was quiet strange as there were guys wandering about dressed as Roman Legionaries, others in Napoleonic War get up and WW1 Tommys. M loved it and got another sword to add to his burgeoning collection of weapons which sometimes disturbs me but on the other hand I played with Action Men and had guns and turned into a peacenik or as others would have it, a lily-livered liberal pinko.

In Lanark we are pre-disposed to this medieval stuff as this is where William Wallace was married and first raised arms against the English. The best pub in the town is called the Wallace Cave, or it used to be when I worked there and before the change of owner.

Today's track has only the most tenuous link to the above ramblings, in so much as Richard D James bought a tank which he would drive around the English countryside freaking people out.

Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92 is an album that I keep going back to. It has been criticized over the years due to the poor quality of the recording, it was all mastered off of cassette, to be honest with you I've never noticed as I thought that that was the way the album was supposed to sound as I bought the vinyl back in 1992 and I'm too tight to buy the remastered version which came out on vinyl in 2006 and cd in 2008 to find out if it is true or not.

There is no point telling you about Richard D James as how much of the information available about the man is truth and how much is myth that has been circulated by the man himself is debatable. One thing that is true is that when he is on form he is absolutely brilliant and years ahead of everyone else but at other times, well lets just say like other geniuses such as MES and Weatherall the output can be challenging. In my opinion he has released nothing which is not worth listening to at least once.

Aphex Twin - Heliosphan


Ctelblog said...

Richard D may be a genius but "In my opinion he has released nothing which is not worth listening to at least once." is so not true. His blender records have me lunging for the off switch.

drew said...

Ah, but did you not listen at least once?