Friday, 14 August 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Justin Robertson is not your average dj/producer, how many others have a degree in philosophy ? He started working in the record shop Eastern Bloc in his native Manchester at exactly the time when the city was yet again coming to the attention of the rest of the world via the baggy and acid house scenes.

He started remixing and his talents were utilised by the likes of the Shamen and the Sugarcubes before releasing his first single Lionrock/Roots and Culture on his own Most Excellent label, the single was subsequently picked up and re-released by de-Construction who he continued to record for releasing 2 albums and quite a few more singles before moving on to Concrete where he recorded probably Lionrock's best known track outwith dance circles with Rude Boy Rock which if I'm not mistaken was later used in an add for some Sony product.

The track posted is the follow-up to Rude Boy Rock, Scatter and Swing which personally I love but at the time was blasted by others as being a bit too commercial.

Lionrock - Scatter & Swing

Below you will find the youtube clip for a track which I have been meaning to feature on the Friday section of this blog as it is the best dancer I have heard this year. I have had 7" for a couple of months now and was going to feature it as it was in a limited run of 500 7" singles on Acid Jazz and I believed that it should be heard by the wider world. However, Eddie Pillar, for it is the work of that old mod, has rightly given it a full release on a different label. So I implore you to go out and buy it. I am confident that once you hear it you will want to get hold of it. I liked the original but this just pisses all over it.


chocolategirl64 said...

sharp suits and acute moves
puts me in mind of a topper headon album that's gathering dust somewhere in my eaves

thank you for sharing ^_^

Planet Mondo said...

Killer tracks I'm sure I had a Lionrock single somewhere but can't remember what (yellow and red cover I think) - and Mercy what a blaster

Single of the year (well last year really, but I found it this year) for me so far is this

Veri word 'fablings' how 'bout that

drew said...

Sounds like the self titled Lionrock single Mondo a very good progressive house tune.

That is a brilliant song, so much so that I had to have the single, i think at the time with postage from Helsinki it cost me about 12 quid for a new 7", nearly into northern territory with them atleast being antiques

Ctelblog said...

Lionrock? Fine choice.

JC said...

Is it just me or did The Third Degree remind me of The Commitments?

drew said...

It's just you JC.