Monday, 27 July 2009


I think that a couple of days of not too serious,  early 90's oldskool Rave is in order. After posting Acen yesterday, I decided to dig through my twelves and find some tunes in a similar vein. There aren't that many as at this time I was mostly buying Boy's Own, Cowboy, Guerilla and similar stuff. Of those that I found very few have stood the test of time and a couple are just plain pish, however I have found some that are worth listening to again.

Although seen as a joke by a lot of people due to the face masks and NBC suits Altern-8 produced some really good singles and were leading figures in the Rave scene. Can't really tell you that much about them, although I seem to remember that they got up to quite a few scams, like turning up outside Shelley's nightclub and performing on the back of a flatbed truck, not in the same league as the KLF but entertaining.

I think that this is the best thing that they produced.

Altern-8 vs Evelyn king - Shame

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Ctelblog said...

Looking forward to this. Alter-8's top scams here: