Friday, 17 July 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Back to the heady days of progressive house during the early nineties when leather trousers and long hair were de rigueur in clubbing circles for today's offering.

Rejuvination were Glen Gibbons and Jim Muotune who along with the Slam boys and Dave Clarke founded probably the best label out of Glasgow since Postcard, Soma Quality Recordings. In fact they shared the billing with Slam on the first ever Soma release Eterna/IBO. This track was their second single from 1993, so probably after the leather trousers had been thrown to the back of the wardrobe by the uber trendies.

This track reminds me of the Arches in Glasgow and I especially love the breakdown about half way through.

Rejuvination - Requiem


Ctelblog said...

Fine choice. The Introduction LP and Dr Peter singles were also pretty good.

Spot on about the leather and hair. Accompanied in a club by early removal of white shirt and slinging of sweaty hair around so it flicks in other people's face. Annoying buggers.

swissadam said...

And low top motorcycle boots, that had never been anywhere near a motorbike

drew said...

forgot about the boots, how the hell were they ever going to dance in them?

stx said...

I still have great memories of Requiem to this day, loved it in the Subby way back when.