Tuesday 7 July 2009

Faking The Books

No it's not either Ralph Madoff or Fred the Shed's theme tune but a rather good album of electronica by Lali Puna from Weilhiem, Germany.

On first listen the album sound very cold and soulless however after repeated listens it begins to feel less stark and minimal, warmer and somewhat more human than it did at first. The album has been compared to Radiohead but I think that that is just because both Johnny Greenwood and Thom York have mentioned them in interviews. They remind me of a less dancier Ladytron but that may have more to do with Valerie Trebeljahr's vocal delivery more than anything else.

Lali Puna have released 3 albums, a compilation of remixes and early singles and 5 singles in their 11years as a band.

The track posted is the title track to their last album first released in 2004. It has one of those melodies that gets lodged in your brain for days after listening to it.

Lali Puna - Faking The Books


davyh said...

Don't you be comin' in here showin' us yer fancy wood furniture an all.

drew said...

I've been bored, can you tell?