Friday, 31 July 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance.

After a week of rather frenzied Rave and Techno, I think that it is time for some for soulful dance floor fodder. The tracks posted today are probably 2 of the best known northern soul tracks and are number 23 and 24 in the Northern Soul Top 500. They are songs that I flogged to death when I was younger but don't get played very often these days which is a shame as they are excellent dancers and great tunes. Marc Almond must have thought so too as Soft Cell covered both of these.

First up and at number 23 in the a fore mentioned tome is Judy Clay with a track released on the Strider label in 1966 and almost charted in the UK. What is on the poppier side of northern soul but no less a track for it.

Judy Street - What

At number 24 we find Gloria Jones with the tune that started my obsession with this genre of music over 25 years ago when I found out that the Soft Cell version was a cover and invested in couple of compilation albums, Casino Classics Chapters one. The track was released in the US in 1965 on the Champion Records label and as is the norm in northern soul failed to chart. It was picked up by the Wigan Djs in late 1973 and the rest as they say is history.

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love


Simon said...

"what" is my favourite out of the two, both original and Soft Cell versions. Listen to it, then check out The Jam's version of Solid Bond...

JC said...

is that your living room?????

drew said...

No, but it is me down my local just going through a few moves.