Sunday 26 July 2009

Better Late Than Never

Just back. Had a great week up north and it only rained once, granted it lasted all day but still it was only one day out of seven which must be some kind of record for Scotland during the month of July.

I meant to do a post on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing the other week and schedule it for last Monday but never got round to it. I don't know whether I believe that Armstrong, Aldrin and the other ten astronauts have set foot on the moon, I would like to believe that they did, however the sceptic in me thinks that it is all a little to convenient and also with Tricky Dickie in the White House at the time anything is possible.

Anyway, here is a nice bit of breakbeat to celebrate with.

Acen - Trip To The Moon (the darkness)

BTW I also saw Elvis last week, he is working in a chippy in Inverness


Mondo said...

I came across a few sites this week with the theory - they did make it, but the footage was faked - and by Stanley Kubrick apparently ?!?

Artog said...

I believe we went to the Moon. But I also believe "They" killed Thomas Baron and his family.

dickvandyke said...

Was Elvis serving up Nessie burgers?

Welcome home drew. Did you drop in the oggin in a capsule?

I lost my dog on the train today.
I called up British Rail and said,
"Euston - the beagle is stranded"

Nick said...

So, at the height of the 'cold-war', during the space race, the Russians were not watching whilst the Americans faked it. I can't see the shoe banging Nikita Kruschov missing any opportunity to ridicule the Yanks. The eyes of the world were on them, if they had orbited instead of landing, someone would have noticed.

They did it alright, 'cos if they hadn't the Russkies would never have let them forget any fakery.

a Tart said...

Who knew all my non-believing mates were over here in Scotland?!? It's heresy to say this in my country but, shit, there's no way those fuckwits landed! :)

And yeah, I think we stopped at that chip shop a few years back on our way thru from Kirkwall, def saw some "historical" characters!


drew said...

Nick, Khrushchev was "removed" from office in 1964 and replaced by the already half dead Brezhnev.

How would anyone have noticed if they hadn't landed?

Good one DVD

and Tart there are quite a few sceptics/cynics up here for one reason or another.

davyh said...

There are excellent refutations of all this hoax bollocks here, and elsewhere.

48% of Americans also think God created man in his current form 10,000 years ago.


That's true about Elvis, mind.

drew said...

And you can believe everything you read on Wikipedia Mr H.

davyh said...

Have faith, brother.

Nick said...

Sorry Drew, got my dictators in a twist, hate it when that happens. Same old cold-war though.
Seriously, I wonder how the conversation went?.
Nasa Director: "Now guys we can't actually land this thing, so we want you to film a landing in a large shed, then we want you to risk your lives going all the way to the far side of the moon where we want you to hide for a bit while we play the film".

drew said...

It probably went - you are doing this for the good old USA and democracy and it is just as dangerous as what you signed up to do in the beginning. If the commies think that we've gone to the moon when they don't have the capability then we will have won the arms race.

and the reply "Yes Sir I will" to the strains of America, The Beautiful in the background.