Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Woodentops

The Woodentops were a band from Northampton formed in the early 80's who mixed acoustic guitars with driving beats to create indie dance a good few years before that term became fashionable with the NME. Their first album Giant, is an absolute gem and every self respecting 80's indie fan should own a copy, they went on to produce another more leftfield/experimental album Wooden Cops On The Horizon which is not without its moments but is not a patch on the debut. They later found a following amongst the Balearic crowd after Why from the second album was picked up by the djs in Ibiza.

The band were famed for their frenetic live performances an example of which can be found on the Live Hypno Beat album. I eventually got a chance to see them in 2007 when they reformed and fulfilled a long standing promise (20 years) to perform in Glasgow after the original gig was cancelled in 1987 due to in fighting within the band. I attended the gig with my mate and his 2 older brothers, who had tickets for that cancelled gig. The band were absolutely electric with Rolo McGinity giving it his all to a depressingly less than half full King Tut's.

The track posted here is the 12" mix of Good Thing which I picked up in Barcelona on my honeymoon, another story for another day maybe.

The Woodentops - Good Thing (12" mix)


davis mcardle said...

Ah, **** me. Thanks a million for this - lost my vinyl of it years back & been hunting down a digital copy for an age. You've made my weekend!

JC said...

Well, Well, Well......I'm always pleased to track down fans of this lot.