Friday, 30 January 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

What do you get if you take an Isley Brothers tune recorded by an American garage band and beloved by the Northern Soul crowd then have one of the most innovative and upfront DJ's remix it?

A 100 mile an hour, rarer than hen's teeth, dancer that is a guaranteed floor filler.

The Human Beinz were a cult garage band from Youngstown Ohio who had a US top ten with "Nobody But Me" a track originally recorded by the Isley Brothers several years earlier. This track made it's way across the Atlantic where it became a favourite at the Twisted Wheel in Manchester as a northern obscurity. This soul turned psyche rock tune is one of the reasons that finding a definitive description of what constitutes a northern soul record is damned near impossible.

Pilooski is a French DJ and part of the Dirty Sound System and responsible for a series of white labels that people would kill for. Included in the the artists that Pilooski has remixed are Frankie Valli, Can, The Human Beinz and The The. If you are lucky enough to own these records then keep them as they were limited to 1000 and definitely no re-pressings. There are 2 compilation albums Dirty Edits Vol I & Dirty Edits Vol II which are also ridiculously rare.

Human Beinz - Nobody But Me (Pilooski edit)

and to compare and contrast

Human Beinz - Nobody But Me


Simon said...

Love this tune, always always gets me dancing. I heard the remix out one night about a year ago. I was surprised to say the least! It's actually pretty good, but I'll stick to the original I think.

Funnily enough I've never posted this myself. This and The Outsiders Time Won't Let Me were amongst the first Northern tunes I owned thanks to the old Kent compilations.

Davy H said...

Groovy! I'm seeing go-go dancers in hot pants! (but that may just be my issue). All credit to Monsieur Pilooski but I'll take the original too please.

Anonymous said...

Like it - Stevie

swissadam said...

Tune! Both versions.

swissadam said...

Me again. Any chance you could post the Pilooski version in mp3 format (not AAC). My disc burner won't recognise it etc blah, and I want to play it on my 'proper' stereo downstairs. I'd be dead grateful.

swissadam said...

Me again. Don't worry about it. Sorted. Ta anyway.

Anonymous said...

they've both been deleted from your account ...shame would have loved to hear the pilooski mix...i remember the beanz one from the wheel....just about!!!!!!

drew said...

Anon - drop me an email and I will send you the link