Friday 16 January 2009

Balearic innit?

Following on from Thursday's post and the eclectic mix of tunes championed by the Ibiza DJs we find a track by an artist who I at first glance would never have put money on Jose Padilla dropping at the Cafe del Mar, John Martyn. But then thinking about it, those laid back, some would say slurred vocals along with tracks such as Solid Air and Small Hours make perfect sense to accompany the setting of the sun outside a bar.

John Martyn used to live about 12 miles from the town where I live and it was not unknown for him to go on 3 or 4 day benders. On one such occasion he turned up in the pub where I was working. It was obviously well into the session as dishevelled does not do justice to the state he was in, however I served him as you would and left him to get on with the business in hand. The landlord of the pub arrived and told me to throw "the bum in the corner" out, I protested trying to make him realize who exactly he had in his pub but he was oblivious and I had to escort a living legend off of the premises.

The track posted is Sunshine's Better remixed by Talvin Singh, of which Martyn was less than happy about at the time and blocked the release. My copy is from a promo that a good friend , who I met yesterday for the first time in ages sought out in Ibiza. This was above and beyond the call of duty as there were plenty of other things for him to be doing.

Get a cold bottle of San Miguel close your eyes and listen to this and you could almost be on the white isle around sunset.

John Martyn - Sunshine's Better (Talvin Singh mix)

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