Wednesday 14 January 2009

Airborne Toxic Event

One of my favourite tracks of last year was Sometime Around Midnight by Airborne Toxic Event, a band I had never heard of before. I raved about it for ages and when asked to describe it by a friend, all I could say was it "was a baw hair from being a U2 track" in it had that sort of grand scope and dramatic sound but without the pomp and the bombast that seem to be an integral part of bonzo and the the other 3s records.
When I found out that Airborne Toxic Event were supporting Frightened Rabbit at King Tuts, an already highly anticipated night became unmissable. The band exceeded all of my expectations. I went along thinking that the songs that were on their myspace page would probably be the highlights of the night, however I found myself unable to find one tune during their short set which I disliked. The only criticism I could find was that they were a cocky bunch for a support act, then again in my eyes it was justified. I was even more impressed when informed that, that had been their 30th show in 30 days.
Unable to get their album at the merchandise stall as it is not released until Feb I decided to get it on import. I'm not going to review the album but will post a couple of tracks and if you like what you hear I urge you to pre-order the album because you wont regret it and if you are in the UK go and see them as they are touring here again starting in Norwich on 22nd of this month ,I and a few mates who I have browbeaten into submission will be attending King Tuts on the 30th.
Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
Airborne Toxic event - The Girls In Their Summer Dresses


davyh said...

'Starting In Norwich'???!!! What kind of schedule is THAT???

I too very much liked 'Midnight', which I think I almost inevitably heard first from Colin - so, thanks for the tip Drewster, will watch out to see if they fit London in somewhere.

After Spalding, etc.

drew said...

I also heard them first from Colin for which I am grateful, really should have given him the credit but my head is a mess at the moment.

Anonymous said...

'Sometime Around Midnight' is an outstanding song, one of my favourites from 2008. 'Wishing Well' is also pretty fantastic. I saw FR last week in Melbourne, would've been wonderful to see ATE as well...slightly envious!