Sunday 11 January 2009

Everybody Loves A Cover Version, Right?

I for one love cover versions and know from wandering around blog world that a lot of you feel the same. Covers are the cause for many a drunken discussion in the pub when my mates and I meet (an all too infrequent event these days), around the merits of even attempting to cover a certain song, how good the original was etc, you get the picture. A scene that has probably been replicated millions of times. To me a cover version doesn't even have to be radically different from the original it just has to be done well (subjective I know).

I am not an advocate for capital punishment but I do think that Michael Bolton should be taken out and shot for crimes against music for his woeful covers, especially Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.

The first cover here is by a band and genius that need no introduction, Aztec Camera. The boy wonder has done some wonderful covers over the years most of which can be found on the b-sides of singles, so get searching on ebay, but this has to be his best. He takes a mediocre pomp rock tune Jump, complete with cheesy synth and turns it into a thing of beauty. The studio version can be found on the b-side of All I Need Is Everything but the version posted is on the flip of Somewhere In My Heart 12" and was recorded live at the Glasgow Barrowlands on 30th January 1988, a gig that I had the good fortune to attend.

Next up is Maria McKee with Lone Justice covering Sweet Jane. I have had arguments with people over this track, a mate once said that they had ruined it by turning a perfectly good 3 minute tune into an over blown mess, I however love it. You decide. This track comes from a long out of print BBC Radio 1 In Concert cd.

Aztec Camera - Jump

Lone Justice - Sweet Jane


How many soul fans does it take to change a light bulb?

One to change the bulb and 400 or so to spit vehemently that it is not as good as the original


Anonymous said...

Hi Drew...EK to London to Sydney (not quite Westwood to Hollywood...more Calderwood to Annandale in my case). Sitting in balmy Sydney watching a crap Hearts/Hibs game and up late scouring a Frame addict I've always loved this Jump cover...was also at the Barrowlands that night in '88...Viva Sandinista etc..during Everybody Is A Number One...time for a reappraisal of that particular Frame lowlight? Anyway thanks for the track. Also had the pleasure of seeing Maria perform Sweet Jane at the QM many moons ago supported by a little known Deacon BLue - the tour that got Ricky writing Real Gone Kid about her. I got my arm round her after they came offstage, as we intercepted then heading for the lift...all I could produce was 'well played Maria'...what a plamph..anyway...great stuff...Might I also suggest Angel Eyes by the Czars as a further gem in this genre? Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

PS...don't you love the front row guy who shouts 'aye ye are, ya bastard!' after Frame sings...'I ain't the worse that you've seen'...nice to see Roddy following up with 'How old are' and 'who said that, some dick with legs''...Glasgow eh? Cannaewhackit.

drew said...

Glad you liked it, seems that we were at a lot of the same gigs, I remember seeing Lone Justice at the QM and leaving after seeing them, couldn't remember who was supposed to be the main event that night. So her about 5 years ago in King Tut's and she was terrible, came over all diva like and played hardly anything pre High Dive which was not her best.

Still can't really listen to Love that much, it's the synths and the horrible soul lite production.

dickvandyke said...

I picked up your word about hot curries and expectancy over at Davy's bar.

Good luck for the coming days Drew. Thoughts are with you and the good lady.

Anonymous said...

Can't listen to Love either..More Than A Law..right down there with Valium Summer...though I still enjoy the extended Deep And Wide and Tall every now and then (Breakdown Mix?).

drew said...

DVD -thanks