Monday, 24 August 2020

Monday's Long Song

As I said last week I have been finding a lot of new music recently via Bandcamp and it has not been the psych which has been my focus for quite a while now, neither has it been coming from the Nordics. The music that grabbed my attention recently has been House and of the very deep variety at present there seems to be an awful lot of it coming out of France like today's track. I'm not sure if Parisien Julien Jabre will be down this morning as I have no idea if he follows football or if he does,  supports PSG but this track does nothing but fill me with joy. It sounds to me as if it is full of optimism, something in short supply at present. The tune reminds me of side two of OAR003 by Oni Ayhun and also of Jamie xx absolute goosebump inducing Gosh both of which never fail to make me feel better. There are three mixes of Samana, my favourite is the lead track on the ep the Levant mix.

Not sure of how a deep house track fits with with a Monday morning but I can think of a lot worse ways to start the week.

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Walter said...

Don't worry about your choice for Monday. This song is perfect for me.