Tuesday 31 March 2020

The Project Part 4

I have been debating whether to complete this set of posts or not. it seems a bit, well even more self indulgent than normal but didn't want to leave it just hanging.

So here you go, the final instalment.

We left it with the walls drying out and the floor varnished.  By the Tuesday night the walls had dried out and the plastered wall now a blotchy pink colour which Max thought looked "pretty good, I would just leave them like that". Let's just say that Max has less taste than that Llewelyn-Bowan fella that used to be on British TVs for a good few years. Lynn had decided that the fireplace wall would be a navy blue colour, the paint was actually called Sapphire something or other, and the other walls would be white. I have to admit that Lynn does have an eye for colour as when it was finished even I was impressed.

So then it was time to decide where to hang the pictures, move back in the hi-fi equipment and play the first record, the building of the other Kallax unit could wait until the weekend

Bright and early on the Saturday morning I started building the Kallax unit which I hoped would house all of the albums freeing up room in the cupboard that I laughingly call an office. It has been quite telling over the past couple of weeks the grand and very tidy offices some of my colleagues have on show through SKYPE as we join conference call after conference call in this new world of constant remote working. But I digress. I have to admit that i have become quite an expert at building these essential record storage items over the years, 7 of varying sizes at the last count, this onee being the daddy of them all at 5x5.

In under an hour the shelving unit was assembled and then the back breaking but fun job began getting all the records in and filed. The particular job took nearly as long as the painting but was a lot more pleasurable. 

So now the room is finished and I'm pretty pleased with the results. there are about 300 12" singles that are in the cupboard along with the vast majority of the 7" singles but I reckon that it will be a while before Lynn starts moaning about "bloody records all over the place.

The Fall - Paintwork

Camera Obscura - French Navy (Vic Galloway Session 11-05-09)


Echorich said...

Love that (is it) Dulux Sapphire Blue! and great album shelving!
French Navy might be my favorite Camera Obscura track.

Brian said...

Looks so good I brought the Mrs. over to the laptop to see the four phases of the construction. Gotta feel good to have everything organized. I wonder how long it will be before you're searching for space again...

Swiss Adam said...
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Swiss Adam said...

The 5x5 Kallax is THE storage solution. Good work Drew.

Darcy said...

Excellent work. Like the colour. Admire your strength of character in installing all that vinyl in the room!

Rol said...

Excellent shelves.

Anonymous said...

What is the Screamadelica thing...?
Great work

drew said...

Thanks guys.

It's the 20th Anniversary box thing