Wednesday 18 March 2020

The Project Part Three

At the end of the second instalment of this mini series we were waiting Kenny to skim coat the walls. Unfortunately this was held up for a couple of weeks due to Kenny having a particularly heavy workload at the time and me telling him that I probably wouldn't be ready until the middle to the end of March. In the meantime I thought I would tackle the exploding Death Star light that I bought from IKEA at least 4 years ago. When I got it home I opened it up saw the amount of bits and thought fuck that, hence it has sat in my office for some time gathering dust since I had a couple of weeks I thought I had time, hopefully to construct the bloody thing. So on the Sunday night after making Leo's piece for school the following day I took a deep breath opened the box and took out the instructions, under ten minutes later I had the globe completed, what I thought was going to be a head wreck was an absolute piece of pish, a lot easier than any of the Lego I have had to build over the years. Next thing was to contact Joe "the spark" and arrange a day for him to fit the light.

On Friday 28th Feb Kenny came and poly-bonded the walls and the following day the plastering was complete and I have to say made an excellent job of it, lovely smooth walls and very little mess. He told me that the walls should be ready by about Wednesday but definitely by the time the walls had gone a pink colour. So in the meantime I thought that I would steam, clean, sand and re-varnish the floor.

So I spent the Sunday, Monday night and Tuesday night doing this. After steam cleaning I got a bit worried that I had buggered up the floor but after a couple of coats of varnish it started to look pretty good and when the third coat was dry I was extremely pleased with it.

Nearly there now, just the painting to go and the furniture and records to move back in.

During all of this I had the ipod on shuffle and blasting out from the portable speaker. 

The Wedding Present - Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk


Swiss Adam said...

I've seen the lampshade at Ikea and been tempted myself but it looks too breakable for our house.

Darcy said...

I always play a lot of music when I'm decorating and years later I will still recall specific tunes that were playing while I scraped/painted/pasted, eg

My son's bedroom: on separate occasions Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue , Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love

Our bedroom - Blur - 13 (on cassette!)

Living Room - Stevie Wonder - Innervisions

Brian said...

I have been wondering about how this was going. The floor and light look really good, Drew. Have you really been without your main music system all of this time?