Tuesday 28 May 2019

And I'll Be Elvis Presely To Your Marilyn Monroe

For me Gordon McIntyre has written some of the best songs about relationships, lust and longing this side of David Gedge. Public Park along with Past Lovers always leave me with a watery eye and a lump in my throat. Public Park was originally on the first Ballboy ep,, Silver Suits For Astronauts released in the final year of the last century. It is also on Club Anthems the compilation that brought together the band's first three eps. If you don't have a copy of this, get yourself sorted out Pronto. 

Ballboy - Public Park 


Brian said...

I own nothing by Ballboy. You can pick up your jaw now. Should I start with the collection of first three EPs?

drew said...

Yes you should Brian

Dirk said...

Brian - try to get hold of EVERY DAMN THING they ever released as ALL the stuff is simply wonderful! Also there are two ballboy - ICA's over @ JC's … perhaps you use those as an inspiration ….