Thursday 8 November 2018

Some Kind Of Wonderful

I've had an urge to watch Some Kind of Wonderful this week not sure why. I think it may have something to do with the state of the world and going back to a less scary time. It's quite a feat to be in a time that makes you hanker back to the good old days of the Cold War and Thatcher at the height of her powers. Or maybe it's just that I'm just a sad middle aged man reminiscing about my youth. Whatever the reason I watched what I think is John Hughes' best film and thoroughly enjoyed it, sure some of the acting isn't terrific, the plot is typical John Hughes and the characters are all stereotypes but it made me smile and also get as infuriated with Eric Stoltz character as much as I did way back when. It's Watts you clown, she's the one not the Wannabe but this being a John Hughes movie he get's it in the end.

As I've said previously,  simpler times.

One thing did that did stand out was that the soundtrack is not as good as I thought it was, there is a terrible remix version of The Hardest Walk, Brilliant Mind by Furniture, a rather sweet cover of Can't Help Falling In Love and the Stephen Duffy song posted below which soundtracks one of my favourite scenes in the film. I think that this song may have been written for this film as I couldn't find it anywhere other than on the soundtrack album. Apart from those the rest is pretty par for the course mid 80s sludge.

Stephen Duffy - She Loves Me


Jake Sniper said...

Your right,it's definitely not the Ferris Bueller soundtrack.

Brian said...

I have the soundtrack only for this song. Can’t be found anywhere else. A beautiful piece of pop. This is the second time this week I have been about to post a song only to be beaten by one of my peers. The other was Marquee Moon over at CC’s. Funny how often that happens.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Drew, that was ace- the clip, the Stephen Duffy song, Watts. Cheered me up no end. For the record, I like the terrible remix of The Hardest walk too.