Wednesday 29 November 2017

Maximum R&B

Back in April Nick Waterhouse released L.A Turnaround on 7" single. This track was one of the highlights of his third Album, Never Twice. For some strange reason I never flipped the single over to find out what the b side was like until about a month ago, The track is a belter of a cove of an old unreleased R&B tune with some fabulous sax. In an interview for a magazine Waterhouse explained how he first came across the song.

"I Cry, was a long-lost unreleased tune written for Dean & Jean. I first heard courtesy of Dick Vivian's (Rooky's Records San Francisco) legendary 1980s mix tapes. It fit right in with the oeuvre of the "Never Twice" sessions so I cut it with my long-suffering and highly talented tour backup vocalist Brit Manor taking the lead and me trying my hand at the cool Everly style harmony. Ron Dziubla rips a tenor solo on this to rival the original"

For the past few weeks I haven't played the a-side once, I Cry is absolutely magic.

Nick & Brit - I Cry


The Swede said...

A phrase that I haven't used for a few weeks comes to mind - what a splendid racket.

George said...

um barrulho marvilhoso

Brian said...

That sax! Love this one, Drew. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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