Friday 24 November 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

This Black Friday shit has been doing my head in all week even more so even than Spreadsheet Phil and his budget and the fact that the UK seems to be in terminal decline and it appears that everybody is okay with that as long as we take back control of our fucking borders. And don't get me started on the loss of the European Medicines Agency.

But it is Friday and I will put aside all of my anger and instead be transported back to the distant past and the dingy clubs of 1990 when Anthem by N-Joi was just that. I loved that record at the time and to me it still sounds really good if at least two minutes too short. Interesting fact about this record, that Saffron, who would later go on to front the band Republica does not sing any of the vocals which were actually samples from Gwen Guthrie, Darlene Davis and Caron Wheeler.

Aidrie are away to East Fife tomorrow and they will have to play a lot better than they did last Saturday when they were beaten by a Highland League team in the Scottish Cup. Off the park there seems to be a chink of light as the consortium, which includes the stadium owners, the main sponsor and the Airdrie Supporters Trust have been given preferred bidder status for the shares currently owned by the ex Chairman who had all the grand plans and then bottled it after a year.

L and I are off to Dundee on Sunday night for an over night with my mate and his wife for his birthday so nothing to see here until Tuesday.

Have a good weekend people.

N-Joi - Anthem

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