Wednesday 11 January 2017


I had great intentions to start this year with loads of interesting stories and music for you but I just can't really get motivated. It hasn't helped that 2017 hasn't started that well around these parts. I won't bore you with the details. At present I really  just want to shut out the world.

This is for a friend I have never met and his wife.

The Style Council - You're The Best Thing 


Simon said...

Hope the shit is not as bad as shit can be.

Brian said...

TSC can get you through some tough times. Be well.

JTFL said...

Well. you're not alone, Drew. Pretty solid music blogging community of like-minded folks and we're all on your side.

Swiss Adam said...

Aye. All the best Drew.

Jake Sniper said...

Hopeing things improve for you Drew.

Anonymous said...

Real sorry to hear this Drew.

Feel bad too that I'm not long finished adding something at my place moaning about not being motivated just now and my list of reasons really pale into insignificance if I'm reading between the lines properly.

I'm a call or text away if I can be of any use.

Take care amigo


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear this Drew