Friday 20 January 2017

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

Back to 1993 for some classic acid house from Ritchie Hawtin being remixed by Plastikman (Ritchie Hawtin). This has all the classic elements of a Hawtin production, the sound of the 909 and the 303, a sort of minimal feel to it but still with a lot going on, if that makes any sense. The track sort of ebbs and flows and goes on and on without ever getting boring. The blueprint for the exceptional  remix of Alpha Wave by System 7 from a couple of years later.

Airdrie are not in action over the weekend as we are no longer in the Scottish Cup, so I will be spending my Saturday listening to a couple of recently purchased albums and going out for a couple of tea time shandies with my brother.

Have a good weekend people.

Robotman - Do Da Doo (Plastikman's Acid House mix)


Swiss Adam said...

tea time shandies is the new night out

Swiss Adam said...

For the middle aged