Tuesday 13 September 2016

Lack of Afro

I've been meaning to post this track for months but just never got round to out. Lack of Afro is Adam Gibbons. DJ. producer multi-instrumentalist with an ear for a great vocalist, one of whom just happens to be Juliette Ashby who sings on All Of My Love the flip side of I Got The Rhythm,  the first single from Lack of Afro's 5th album, Hello Baby  and first on his own label.  Ashby is just one of the guest vocalists on the album, others include. Elliot Cole who features on I Got Rhythm, Emma Noble and Joss Stone, remember her. The album flips from soul, through hip hop, funk and a bit of disco, if any of those float your boat then it is well worth taking a punt on and can be purchased here. As this can still be purchased the track posted is not downloadable.

Lack of Afro - All Of My Love

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Swiss Adam said...

New to me and very good too.