Wednesday 28 September 2016

Bye Bye Allo Darlin'

I received some sad news the other week that Allo Darlin' have decided to call it a day in a very Allo Darlin' way while they are all still friends  Wait, don’t be sad! Although we are generally a reflective and nostalgic bunch, this is not an overwhelmingly sad decision or twist of fate for us. Most bands have to stop actively recording and playing shows at some point, especially those like us who don’t have this as our day job. 

Allo Darlin' at their most melancholic always cheered me up their is something really comforting in Elazbeth's tone and when they are doing the winsome pop thing there are few better. Live they were always fun to watch, when the ukelele was produced for Tallulah you could here a pin drop and I always went home happy after a night listening to a band of decent human beings.

Allo Darlin' -Some People Say

Allo Darlin' - Henry Rollins Don't Dance


Brian said...

Three perfect albums which is more than I can say for most bands that hang on much longer. Sad to see them go but will be forever thankful for what they gave us. Glad we have this one in common. Drew.

JC said...

A band that many told me I'd love but I never ever got round to it. Sad to learn of their demise. Especially as I never got to see them play live.