Tuesday 7 June 2016

Music for When The Tar Is Melting.

This track or two tracks if you want to be pedantic about it has felt just right this past week or so in the unseasonable heat and brightness that we are having up here.

Walk on the Wild Side pts 1 & 2 is Jimmy Smith and Oscar Nelson's version of the Elmer Bernstein title track of the film of the same name and was released in 1962 the same year as the film.

Jimmy Smith - Walk On The Wild Side pts 1&2


Tedloaf said...

As the old men impersonating the young people a few years ago would say, tune. I much prefer Jimmy Smith with the swaggering orchestration than the trio. Also, they never did get to the B3 solo in The Money Programme.


Anonymous said...


Not 100% sure but believe the movie was released in '62 not '52.


Ciao! For now.