Friday 17 June 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

It is an established fact that Scotland have produced better progressive house and techno records and labels than they have national football teams over the past twenty five years (some of you may be pointing out that that really wouldn't be all that hard). You only have to look at labels such as Soma, 23rd Precinct and Hubba Hubba, who not only released home grown talent but also great records from other parts of the UK and Europe. Today's track comes from Sublime, one half of whom was also responsible for the superb sounds of Havana who I thought had featured here before but apparently haven't so expect Schtoom or Ethnic Prayer to be posted in the near future. The Theme was released on 23rd Precinct's sister label Limbo in 1992 and as far as I'm aware failed to bother the charts but could be heard regularly on a night out in the more discerning clubs in the town. I have opted for the longer more percussive dub mix from the flip side. This tune was apparently big with Sasha and Digweed and appeared on the first Renaissance cd,

We also had a huge Hardcore Rave scene in the central belt and if there had been a competition in the early 90s for the most eccied up nutters I think it would have been a close run thing between Glasgow and Newcastle,

I'm not up to much this weekend I had high hopes of spending it running in a new scooter but alas that is not going to be delivered until sometime next week.

Have a good weekend people.

Sublime - The Theme (Sublime dub)


Luca said...

There's something missing in this Friday post.. can't quite fathom..

Luca said...

..ah, now I got it.


Swiss Adam said...

Central belt rave scene
Sturdy girls on E

Fall song there for you.

drew said...

Luca - I thought you were all sick of breasts

Swiss Adam said...

Never sick of breasts Drew.