Friday 29 April 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

I'm not a big fan of snow at the best of times. it's cold. soaks you through and my car is particularly shit but three inches on the 28th April! Some bam is taking the piss.

Anyway, to the music Deep Dish are not a duo that I am overly familiar with, I have a few 12" singles and that's about it. Stranded is the pick of the bunch for me, I love the laid back almost Lazy vibe to it. Not one really for strutting your stuff to although I suppose you could but more a track for sitting and listening to in the comfort of your favourite chair while the snow falls outside in fucking April!

It's the last game of the season today and if we beat Ayr away and other results go in our favour we could be in the play-offs, I'm not overly hopeful. I won't be going I will be mostly thawing out and moaning that I have had to put the heating back on at the end of April.

Have a good weekend people.

Deep Dish - Stranded In The Club Mix


Brian said...

Two new ones for me today... this song and "some bam is taking the piss." I rank that phrase up there with George's post about "more tea, Vicar" a few years ago. You blokes on the other side of the world are very entertaining to this Yank. Hope your team advances.

drew said...

So do I Brian but the odds are against us. Bam is short for bampot, a less than trustworthy, or shady character.