Friday 1 April 2016

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

No April fools pish here. Dance music is too serious a business for that kind of stuff.

Right, if this doesn't at least get your toes a tapping then I feel sorry for you as there is no hope for you ever to get your groove on. Scottish DJ Al Kent takes the Loleatta Holloway acapella of Crash Goes Love and lays it on top of a seriously funky disco/house track with an excellent rolling bass creating a sure fire floor filler that if it wasn't so good could have sounded quite cheesy with Loleatta's whoops and yells. Pure class.

 The Diamonds are away to Stranraer who are three points ahead of us in fourth place. Although they have been dismal on the past three occasions that I have had the dubious pleasure of watching them,  amazingly Airdrie are still in contention for that final play-off place which just shows you how pish league 1 is this season, apart from Dunfermline but that is another story, it is incredible how you can go bust owing a considerable amount of money,  start up again and two years later be full time with three times the budget of all the other teams in your league but I digress . I will be spending most of the day tomorrow trying to kick start the scooter as it has only been turned over once since October.

Have a good weekend people.

Al Kent - Good Inside


JC said...

No April fools pish here.

Bah feckin humbug!!!

drew said...

What I should have added is that what is written here is usually nonsense anyway. It was written before I saw your post and very good it was I must say, you had me for a bit.

Swiss Adam said...

It's Friday..let's do Billy Joel.

Brian said...

A little tardy on reading your posts... a fine week of soul, brother.

Echorich said...

One of more than a few "I died and went to heaven" moments of my life (all surrounding music) was Miss Loleatta Holloway singing Happy Birthday to me and then launching into Love Sensation for my 30th birthday. Not sure it well ever get as good as that again.

drew said...

F'kin hell Echorich, you become more of a legend with every comment!

JC said...

Memo to Echorich......when are you going to write your autobiography?

I spent my 30th birthday getting drunk with my wife and friends in a bar in Edinburgh. It was as far removed from Ms Holloway singing to me as can ever be imagined. As Drew says...F'kin hell.