Tuesday 28 July 2015

Vintage Trouble

I stumbled across this the other week and liked it enough to order the track on 7" single. Apparently the band appeared on Later With That Irritating Smug Git a couple of years ago, not sure if he forced his "boogie woogie " piano playing on the band. They have recently been on tour supporting AC/DC. From the little digging I have done, it would seem that the singer Ty Taylor has toured with loads of people including Macy Gray and The Who amongst others. There is a clip on Youtube with him duetting with Paloma Faith on a rather overblown version of I'd Rather Go Blind. Never listened to her before, she can fairly belt out a tune,

The video apparently features Carmit Bachar. I had no idea who she was and so did the necessary,  to find out she was a Pussycat Doll, whatever one of them may be but I am sure that they are of no interest to the middle aged Mae that read this blog.


George said...

Fine song Drew, I think this lot could be very good live in a small-ish venue. I, of course, know who Carmit Bachar is.

Walter said...

It's a great song and I love it. Never heard before and I didn't knew who Carmit Bachar was. But right now I know.