Wednesday 15 July 2015

No Hard Feelings

I'm really loving the lp No Hard Feelings by New Street Adventure which was released on Acid Jazz last year. There is not a duff track on the album. It has a real 80s Mod feel about it, so it's rather strange that I am feeling it so much as I wasn't all that enthused by much of the mod revival stuff when it came out in the early to mid 80s.

This album along with Wonderlust by Kid Wave and Jamie xx's In Colour are sound tracking my summer quite nicely.

I'm off to Belfast, getting up at stupid o'clock so nothing more until Friiday

New Street Adventure - Keep It Burning


Simon said...

I quite like them, it's also very Faith Brothers and Dexys around the edges, as well as Weller - very much that left leaning Mod Soul that was everywhere in 1985. But I just wish the vocals were stronger. I can't help it, most of those others have much stronger distinctive vocals. But yeah, quite nostalgic sound.

drew said...

I didn't really notice the vocals being weak but I kind of see what you mean. I wasn't a big fan of the revivalist stuff of the mid 80s

Simon said...

I was a big fan, that socialist motown thing was my thing really, alongside Prince and Lone Justice. Some Mod I was lol. The songs are strong, I just like me a strong voice. Weller's was always a match for most of his songs, Kevin, The Proclaimers boys, Costello. Do like the Northern Soul girl video though. :)

Walter said...

Thank you for introducing me to this record Drew. I owned me this record today and I've got to say that it is awesome. It might be a record that companies me throughout this summer as well.