Thursday 30 July 2015

Or Am I Just A Mainstream Kind Of Guy?

I've got to admit I own more Sonic Youth albums than I like, some of which have been played only a few times and for someone who likes feedback and noise as much as the next I have often wondered what it is that puts me off albums like Sisters, Washing Machine and others which invariable leads me to sitting down and listening to these albums or as much of them as I can until I need to listen to something else, less abrasive, more melodic. I have never been able to come up with an explanation and maybe I should stop looking for one and just concentrate on the stuff that I do like. One such album is 2006's Rather Ripped. It has been said that this is one of the band's most accessable albums, a collection of "rockers and ballads" and a "radio rock album" and maybe that's what it is, I really am a mainstream kind of guy. It is the album I listen to most and genuinely enjoy listening to, The track I have posted is the final track on the US version of the album and probably fall s in to the ballads category and has a guitar line that is very reminiscent of The End.

Sonic Youth - Or 

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The Swede said...

I'm in the same boat. I pick and choose the bits of Sonic Youth I like and rarely get to the rest. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Thurston Moore solo albums I've heard though.