Monday 2 June 2014


If there was ever a misnomer in music it must be the surname of the artist of today's single, as if there is one thing the Memphis singer who was christened Robert Calvin Brooks wasn't, was Bland. The name came from this step-father. He was known as Bobby "Blue" Bland, has been described as "the Sinatra of the Blues" and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame described him as "second in stature only to BB King as a product of Memphis's Beale Street blues scene".  His career spanned from 1952 when he released his first single Crying All Night Long on the Chess label until shortly prior to his death aged 83 in 2013. Today's track was the flip of A Touch Of The Blues released in 1967. My copy is a rather brilliant four track ep released on Kent in 1985.

Bobby Bland - Shoes


george said...

Great song. I have not heard any of his 1960s output, but if this is anything to go by I'll have to change that!

Erik Bartlam said...

He was a staple at Malco Records here in Jackson for years. Hated to see him go.