Wednesday 25 June 2014

It's That Jonathan Time Of The Year Again

The older I get , the more misty eyed and emotional I get when I play this record.

"And you boys long for some little girl that you dated

Do you long for her or for the way you were?"

Profound words from Mr Richman.


Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling


george said...

Brave admission Drew. I find myself getting all lachrymose at far too many things these days.

chocolategirl64 said...

I never get Richman: same as I don't get Dylan or Johnston: I'll live ;-)

drew said...

No Choco? I don't love everything he has done but I do love this song.

It's getting older I fear George, you don't just get grumpier but more emotional all round, well I have been anyway!

Charity Chic said...

You know that summer is just round the corner (or given today's weather just finished) when Drew posts this

drew said...

yip, put the kibosh on it once again!!

Swiss Adam said...

Its a killer line