Thursday 5 June 2014

A Fall Repost

Mad busy at the moment so here is a re-posting of one of the episodes of the Fall covers series  "If You're Gonna Play It Out Of Tune, Play It Out Of Tune Properly" from March 2011.  The series sort of fell by the wayside, not sure why as there were loads of other songs that the gruppe have covered in their own unique style. I may have to revive this.

Today's track the Fall covered takes us back to 1958. Rollin' Danny was originally recorded by one Vincent Eugene Craddock, Gene Vincent to you and me. One of the pioneers of rockabilly and probably best known for Be-Bop-A- Lula and Lotta Lovin'.

In 1960 while on tour in the UK Vincent had a near fatal car crash in which Eddie Cochran, who was also in the taxi died. Vincent's career never really reached the heights again that he had reached in the late 50s and he died in 1971 from a ruptured stomach ulcer aged thirty six.

Another tenuous link with the Fall is that Vincent released an album,  I'm Back And I'm Proud on John Peel's Dandelion label in 1969.

Gene Vincent - Rollin' Danny

The Mancabilly version was released as a double AA side single with Couldn't Get Ahead on Beggars Banquet in 1985

The Fall - Rollin' Dany

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george said...

I prefer The Fall's version to Gene Vincent's. I think the song is better suited to that continuous riff and Mark E Smith's sneering vocal. Cracking track.