Wednesday 4 December 2013

Thirty Years Ago, Really

One of the best debut albums ever was released thirty years ago this year and tonight I am going to hear it live in it's entirety for the first time in my life and I cannae wait. I have been looking forward to this ever since it was first announced and my excitement was ramped up a little further after my first trip to the Glasgow Concert Hall last week as the acoustics are very good.

Those of you who don't follow Pete Paphides on Twitter might have missed this brilliant piece on the travails of a fourteen year old Aztec Camera fan. Like Pete I wanted a suede jacket with fringes but had to make do with an Italian army jacket. I still remember Oblivious on Top Of The Pops and  buying High Land Hard Rain from John Menzies as soon after as I had saved up enough money and ever since then the songs of The Boy Wonder have soundtracked a lot of the highs and a few of the lows of my life.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Back On Board live. 

Aztec Camera - Back On Board 

Roddy Frame - Down The Dip (Paisley Abbey)


Simon said...

I put this on last night, god it sounded good.

Anonymous said...

was at the Theatre Royal gig on Sunday

all I can say is that you're in for a hell of a treat

Walter said...

Have fun tonight at the show, Drew. I wish I could be there.
Cheers, Walter

Anonymous said...

was also at the theatre royal - it was a religious experience!

Hissyfit said...

Sorry I can't be there with you; should be cracking.
I linked you over at
Hope you don't mind...

davyh said...

Very very very much would like to have been there. London show sold out in seconds : ((

Anonymous said...

Drew I have broke my cyber silence for the first time in months to comment on what was a total triumph tonight how good was down in the dip ? but to me the birth of the true was just magical nice to hear Roddy speak so much & I believe he was genuinely taken aback by the love in the hall & to name check Doctor dicks midnight surgery brought back a few teenage memories splendid night & as you said earlier fantastic acoustics in the concert hall

son of the rock

Anonymous said...

might I also add it was a surreal moment listening to killermont street @ kliiermont street

son of the rock

drew said...

SOTR - It was an amazing night!

My highlight had to be Back On Board absolutely wonderful and I have to admit to having "something in my eye" during Killermont Street.